Hi! I’m Aisling (pronounced Ashling) and I’m a 27 year old from Ireland!

From Ireland to China, I’ve been living here for 3.5 years now. At the beginning I was teaching, but now I’ve enrolled in University to study Mandarin, so now I work part time.

‘How did I come to live in China?’ you may ask. Well Ireland had very limited ( I mean NO) job opportunities for me, so I decided to do an internship teaching English in China. They shipped me to Chengdu and I’ve been here ever since.

This blog details my life in Ireland, moving to China, teaching, studying and travelling.

Anyone interested in either moving to or travelling to this huge country, I think this blog may be useful!

And, any questions you would like to ask me about China or Chengdu feel free!



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  1. Hi! Just wanted to say thanks for the “Follow” on! I’m following you now as well, excited to read more about your China adventures. I almost had a stroke reading about your problem student; being a teacher must be quite an adventure in itself šŸ™‚ Best to you!

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