Into The Future.

Not only do I not yet have a visa for China, my feet haven’t touched Chinese soil, I don’t even have the funds to realistically begin to think about travelling after it… why do I suddenly find myself looking up visas to Vietnam, Thailand, Japan? I can just about handle having to go through 3 different express trains from Beijing Airport to reach my hostel let alone contemplating travelling after.

I think I’m getting way ahead of myself here.

My First Blog & Transformation

I decided this week to officially begin my Chinese transformation. I’v started to learn Chinese and using my chopsticks I got (free I might add) from my local Chinese takeaway. It’s 102 days until I jet off to Beijing, so I’d better have picked up a few Chinese phrases by then! I know how to say hello, goodbye, thanks and my name is.  I honestly think everything sounds the exact same way so I wonder how I’ll get on when I’m actually there!

Well I must admit my first practice of using my free chopsticks surprised me! Not only could I actually pick my noodles up… but I managed to finish the whole bowl…with no fork in sight! It did take 20 minutes to eat but I perservered. Something I did notice however was how sore your wrists become, holding skinny bits of wood in your hand does take its toll on the oul wrist. So the next day I ventured onto spagetti, I know its Italian but its like noodles so it’ll do. It did take a while but before I knew it I had it all eaten. I think chopsticks makes you appreciative of food; actually picking it up with chopsticks makes you feel like Superman, or Superwoman in my case. Its spurred me on to actually cook something myself. Shock horror! I can’t cook something unless something happens, all I can say is metal should never go into a microwave. . . I’v no common sense it seems!

So I’v picked something easy… a simple stir-fry. I hope its nice… more importantly… I hope I dont burn a hole through the wok.