Stir-fry Anyone?

Oh yes, I forgot to mention my stir-fry experiment. My Sweet and Sour stir-fry was a complete success! Now I did end up chucking my bowl (plastic by the way)  into the extremely hot wok by accident, along with the raw chicken still IN the bowl. Instead of my instincts kicking in, which would be to quickly grab the bowl, I decided to do a hysteric dance thinking ‘oh s***t!!’ while the plastic sizzled away in the wok, the chicken casually lying in the bowl taking it easy. I literally thought it was going to go on fire… but I managed to  grab the bowl out and I just dumped my chicken in, I was far too distraught/annoyed to care anymore.  The underside of the bowl (newly  christened ‘chicken-bowl’) now has a new white hue to remind me of the incident.

In my first post I stated ‘I hope I don’t burn a hole through the wok’…. how nearly right I was. Nevertheless, it was actually lovely (after all that). I’m now content knowing that I can actually cook something when I go to  China… or I might just check out a food vendor to be safe.

2 thoughts on “Stir-fry Anyone?

  1. Thanks for liking my blog!

    I find that just about anything can be cooked in a wok if you try hard enough (seriously I’ve done minute steaks, risottos, and even the campus wide phenomenon ‘Chinese Meat-Feat Paella’ at the end of term) though stir-fry is the quickest and easiest. You’re certainly not the first to drop the bowl in as well!!

    I don’t really cook in China though, I get food during the week from the school where I teach, and the street vendors and food courts are actually cheaper that cooking at home during the weekends or when you want a change.

    Thanks again for dropping by my blog! Take care!

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