July Already????

Hello 1st of July, I have been waiting to see you for…oh about 5 months now. I have only one month left until August… meaning one FULL month left at home until I go. When I got my acceptance letter last March, all I could think was ‘I have to wait 5 whole months now!’ Now I’m finally nearing lift-off.

So what have I actually done in 5 months? Not a lot.

1. I bought a Grammer book specifically designed for study over those couple of months, learning my adjectives, my superlatives, my gerunds and what not. . . that in fact did NOT happen. I know I’m going to regret that later on.

2. I bought a couple of clothes for going away. (by couple I mean 1 pair of trousers, a dress and 3 t-shirts)

3. I booked my accommodation prior to our Orientation called the Happy Dragon Hostel in Beijing.   

4. I contemplated calling the Doctors for Vacs. I’m really not keen on paying money to have someone stick needles in me.

5. Made and remade my famous stir-fry until I’m literally sick of the stuff. I know I go on a lot about my cooking but I’m a terrible cook so I’m delighted that I try. I’m so sick of noodles and chicken. . but my chop-stick skills have improved a lot from it.

6. Eyeing up Kindles with Envy.

I promised to myself July is my busy month, no I actually do have a lot to do. So this week: Vaccinations. Worst is, the vaccinations I got last year expired, who knew they expire?… in a year?? … so now I have to get them all again.. the joys!



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