I Have Films!

Something constructive actually happened this week. I now have a lovely ‘My Passport’ red external hard drive. Thanks to my boyfriend and his dad, they organised to get loads of recent/old films onto it. From Black Swan to 21 Jump Street, I have them! There are some films I never heard of, to old classics like Back to the Future. I’ve watched a couple already, ones that I’ve always wanted to see but never had the chance, or was too lazy to go see them in the cinema. I also have some TV series, like The Big Bang Theory, Love/Hate ( its a very popular Irish series, everyone is raving about it so I’d like to get into it), The Walking Dead and An Idiot Abroad. 

My vaccinations however didn’t go to plan… due to cost and confusion of what vaccinations I need, I’m going to sort that out next week instead. I’m pretty sure I just need a booster of one. ( I hope) I still have a couple of weeks to go, but I’d rather just get them out of the way rather than worrying about it a week before I go. My trip to Tanzania ended up that way, in that I got my last Hep B injection the DAY BEFORE I actually left. Saying that, it was purely my own fault… so this time round I’m going to keep up to date with everything!

I’m still undecided on this question though: suitcase or backpack? I’m really torn. I would love to bring my backpack. Although I loved it and felt like a real ‘backpacker’, it was a bloody nuisance with packing. I’d literally have to take everything out of it to get something from the bottom, or rummage through it and hopefully grab the thing I was looking for. Actually putting it on me was a task in itself too. But, I still loved it.

I’m veering towards a suitcase for a number of reasons though. Its handier for packing, I can see what’s in it, I can wear a bag on my back (for my laptop) and I assume it will fit more things in it than a backpack. It is also more secure, whereas I cant put any expensive items in my backpack because I cant lock it.

The company that I am going with state that a backpack would be better to bring because of the travelling. I would love to travel after the internship, maybe visit the countries like Thailand and Vietnam, but that’s still a long way off yet.

So If anyone has some suggestions about what’s best for travelling with, I’d be grateful!


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