It’s Kicking In!

I think yesterday was when I felt a little overwhelmed about my packing situation. I visited my friend last night who left for Portugal this morning for a month, bringing my ‘I’m sorry your Leaving’ card and a personalised (by me) journal for her. I made myself supervisor whilst she packed, but boy did I get a wake-up call. My suitcase is nowhere near as big, yet I have to fit 5/6 months worth of stuff in my own.

What makes it worse, I don’t know what part of China I’ll be located in. North will be freezing in winter and South will be a lot milder. This means I don’t know what kind of clothes to bring with me, heavy or light? I know I can buy things over there, but I honestly feel like I’m moving to an alien planet, and they will have nothing remotely like what we have in Western society. But I’m assured from previous interns they do in fact have the majority of things we have here.

I’ve also pulled out the old large suitcase I haven’t seen in years and I’m airing it out. The thing hasn’t seen the outside world in ages so its gathered a terrible musty odour, I don’t fancy opening it up in China with my clothes smelling, although the smog I hear should mask it a bit.

My carry-on/work/weekends away bag has eventually been ordered. I’ve decided to get a Jansport bag, one that will fit my monstrous laptop and will carry my work things and some clothes. I’m trying hard to get something major done every week whilst buying some clothes and necessities.

5 weeks tomorrow and I’ll be on my way, time flies when your busy… I just hope it slows down a bit so I can get the rest of my things sorted.


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