Slowly but surely.

Slowly but surely I am getting through my list of jobs/things to do. Literally just bought my travel insurance, my dilemma being whether to buy insurance for a year. I have no idea what I’ll be doing after the internship, but I know for a fact Ireland will be the exact same way as I left it, meaning STILL no jobs. So I said to myself, I may as well get it for a year, at least then if I decide to stay then I’ll have it. Its good knowing that I’m covered for any mishaps that might happen me, for a whole year!

Also made an appointment for my eye sight. Lately my eyes have been very sore so I decided to check if I need new lenses. Fortunately my eyes didn’t change, so I’m guessing it was the sun doing the damage. I’m pretty sure after this week of glorious weather my eyes are over-sensitive to the sun. 😦

The visa’s should be arriving early August too, so that’s a trip up to Dublin, twice. Hopefully it won’t be late and rushing to get it.

Also heard that during our orientation week we will be heading to Harbin for a couple of days as well which hopefully will be great. We are checking into Beijing for 2/3 days, then travelling North to Harbin for 5 days, then back to Beijing. I’m sure the journeys will soon grate on me but I’m excited that I’ll be able to see a bit more of China.

Still debating over whether to get a Kindle though, those journeys would be rather boring without a couple of books.. I don’t plan on bringing many over so I might invest in a Kindle.


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