My new baby.

I’ve fallen in love with my new baby; aka the Kindle Paperwhite. After much deliberation and looking at customer reviews, I decided to buy it, well actually, my boyfriend got it for me so I should really be bowing down to him.

I actually didn’t know that you can get books for free. . . we don’t live in a world that’s free so I presumed I would have to buy them! Firstly there is Amazon which I created an account with, they have free books to buy then and there. The book then appears on the Kindle literally 5 seconds later. Then there are some which are like 50p. (doesn’t deal in euro). You can also sample a book and see whether you might like it before you buy. There are also some websites that offer free books, although I notice many of them are rather old ( some were written in the early 1900’s.)

At this moment I have 22 books. I have quite a lot of classics on it, such as Emma, Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice. For the more recent ones you would have to buy them, but Emma and the likes are ‘classics’ so I’d like to read them and see what they’re like.  A lot of them are books I never heard of but once the reviews are positive then I’d be happy to buy them (for free)!

I can’t wait to get back into reading. For 4 years studying took up most of my time so I didn’t get to read as much as I used to.  I’m definite this will get me back into reading, and it is so light it really is perfect for travelling and even for reading in bed with the lights off! I was a bit hesitant when they first came out on the market, thinking ‘Nothing would replace the reading experience like an actual book’ but I actually was pleasantly surprised by it.  I would recommend this to anyone who is travelling or who loves to read, the books are a lot  cheaper than paperback, and it is perfect for travelling or going on holidays with. It also holds something like 1100 books so you’ll never be short of something to read!

Just waiting for my case to arrive from Ebay now…. and only 23 days until China! Time is flying by!


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