Hello From Beijing

Finally I’ve made it to China! Staying at the Happy Dragon Hostel which is fine, the employees are lovely, helping us bring in our gigantic bags from the taxi, and generally being friendly and outgoing towards us. I’m staying with 4 other girls from the internship so I’m getting to know them!.

So tonight is a quiet night, I’m so tired and jet-lagged It will be an early night, hopefully we (the ones who arrived today) will be more sociable tomorrow night! Might go and see if we can find a place to eat, really want to try those dumplings, although apprehensive because of the large variety, aka insects, dog, cat… I could end up eating.

Beijing itself was a total surprise. I imagined it to be traditional, old style Beijing, with its characteristic buildings, and generally what you would see in the media. It’s actually so developed, plenty of new cars being seen and gorgeous hotels littering every street. Large streets host huge imposing shops such as the American company ‘Forever 21’. Stares from Chinese were of course abundant, with the odd one taking a very noticeable video of us lounging on a bench jetlagged. (No idea what they will do with that video)

We also went to see Tiananmen Square. Although impressive, it was very busy, meaning we couldn’t truly appreciate it to the max. We weren’t sure if we had to pay to go further in, but maybe we will go and visit it again.

Everyone in the group seems to be bonding… of course many are closer because they arrived earlier in the week, but everyone I met so far seems friendly. There are more people to arrive during the coming days, another couple of Irish people arriving too which will be good!

Not sure what is planned for tomorrow. A good night sleep will do the world of good. Wasn’t in great form to do much because I was just so tired. Tomorrow will be a better day.

Oh also Beijing is HOT. I knew it would be hot… but its sticky, humid and being surrounded by millions of people makes it 10 times worse to actually walk around the city.

Roll on tomorrow and see what it brings.


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