Beer & Rice Wine.

The Director of our Uni treated us to supper today. Sally ( our Advisor) came running up to us and said ‘Our Director wants to take you out for dinner’…. Now the Director is busy, and I mean really busy man, but I thought it was lovely of him to take time out of his heavy schedule to bring us to dinner.

Dinner was actually funny! The Director, or his English name Thompson, has very little English, but he sometimes tries to say some English to us. Sally, who is practically fluent in English had to translate to him what we said. He got us all a bottle of beer… then later, he asked us do we like wine… Charlotte answered ‘Yes, I like red wine’ while I said I prefer white. He then said ‘I like white wine…I go get you white wine in car’. So off he went to get us some wine, us shocked at his kindness. So he reappears with wine… but not white wine….. no, he appeared with RICE wine. Two small bottles of Rice wine for the both of us. Rice wine is kind of like Vodka.. it is about 45% volume but can go even higher.

So there we were, with chicken feet and fish in front of us, Thompson waiting for us to take a slug of this Rice Wine. You have to take Rice wine as a shot, but Charlotte asked could we have juice with it; to lessen the blow. So we poured the juice into the small glass and topped it up with the wine. Thompson looked HORRIFIED. We had to try and explain to him that we couldn’t drink it straight, we needed to mix it. I think he presumed we would take a drink of the wine, then a drink of the juice.  The wine didn’t actually taste that bad, once the juice was added. We’ll know for next time when we go out with him, which it appears to be sometime next week, not to mix juice with our wine. We got to keep the wine aswell… along with the left over chicken feet and fish….

In other news, class went well today. I only had one, and only 8 girls showed up, but I had a great class with them. Since its only the first week, I don’t think half the students know their timetables, mine is changing again next week! I showed them pictures of my family and I showed them a video of myself when I was a child with blonde hair. They said the blonde hair was lovely and they wished they could have blonde hair. One girl kept calling me ‘Teacher’ so I had to say to her she can call me by my name , that that’s ok.

 Last night I had 30 boys in the class, no girls. It strange to see how the boys and girls act differently. The boys try and act like the cool dudes, giving smart answers back. One student said that being ‘Handsome’ was a skill. The girls on the other hand are a lot more eager to learn more about Ireland and myself, so I had a great class explaining to them about Ireland and the differences between Ireland and China.  They were even helping me with my Chinese. My first Chinese phrase I know is ‘I want to take-away’…. Ironic its related to food of all things. I went to my local place for food, my favourite place in the area, and although they laughed when I said it in Chinese, they actually understood me, and I think they actually were happy that I could say it to them. They put their thumbs up when I said it so that’s a plus!

I have a busy timetable next week, I have two 7pm classes. Its mad to think they are at school from 8:30am to 8:35pm… I don’t know how they do it, here’s me crying when I had College until 5pm.


One thought on “Beer & Rice Wine.

  1. Brilliant Aisling and you will be brilliant. Enjoyed it immensely. Hope you liked your chicken feet. So funny. Looking forward to more . You will be well up on your mandarin if you keep this up.. Love you so much.

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