Steak & KTV.

So on Friday night, we were invited by  2 of our work colleagues to go for some ‘Western Food’ and some KTV. (Karaoke) KTV is so popular here. There are tv channels dedicated to singing competitions. I even saw The Voice of China. It was so nice of them to bring us out!

So we were rather excited to have some proper Western food. The meal went like this:

First a glass of water arrived for us.

Then our dessert. DESSERT. Ice-cream with chocolate on top!

2 minutes after that, our chips came out. There were about 10 chips in a little ramakin bowl for each of us, with a blob of red sauce on them. (They weren’t even hot)

Once we finished our chips and dessert, our meal arrived. It consisted with processed beef that was squished flat. Beside the beef were noodles, a few pieces of cucumber, and a single fried egg. Our sauce consisted of, from what I gathered pepper sauce, but it didn’t have much flavour. So that was our ‘Western’ food. It was so strange! It was mixture of Chinese, with the noodles, and their interpretation of what a Western style dish would be. I ate it all only because I was hungry, and I didn’t want to disrespect our colleagues as they invited us. It was also funny to watch the Chinese try and eat with a knife and fork, as they are so used to eating chopsticks.

So after our meal, we headed to KTV. I thought it would be a little dingy place, but oh my god was I in for a surprise. It was so fancy! Inside the building was all marbled, with a long desk where you can buy drink, food and popcorn for when you are singing. There was a huge staircase where they took us to our own separate sound proofed room. There was a lovely leather sofa, a chandelier, a huge TV, and we even had our own bathroom! I couldn’t get over how nice and professional it was. Then I realised that KTV is actually a big thing for them, and it showed. The car park was full up with cars.

At first I was a bit apprehensive about singing. Our colleagues; a teacher in the school and her husband and child, with my teaching assistant all got ready to start singing and pouring beers for us. But after a while I was fine, belting out tunes with my room-mate. We were there until half 12am! We had a great night and we thanked them, they promised they would bring us to a Chinese restaurant next time which I will look forward to!


Us at the famous KTV!

On Saturday, myself, my room mate, and 3 Chinese friends went to the shopping area of Chengdu. We had some messages to do and I had to try and get my Hard Drive fixed ( My friend came back from the computer shop and said ‘it is destroyed’ . So its definitley broken now. ) We went for some food in Pizza Hut, and then we went to a big indoor market. It was kind of like the Silk Market in Beijing, but this once wasn’t as nice as Beijing. Although the prices were so much cheaper! I got a pair of shoes for 69yuan. About 10euro. And it was huge! I’ll definitely be going back there! Then we went to a supermarket, where we ended up sitting for an hour drinking different Chinese teas. They are actually really nice, so I bought a packet for home and me and my room-mate bought a big packet of Jasmine tea. I will have to look out for it at home.

Sunday was work day. Although I only had one class, I still hate the fact we have to work weekends to make up for national days off. We were sprung by a group of Chinese people about a meeting at 7pm, so we had to rush to that. It ended up having me and Charlotte go into 20 classrooms where students were studying, and saying ‘My name is Aisling, and I’m from Ireland’ 20 times. We were unknowingly promoting our English clubs that will be starting the week after next.

So later on today I’m heading to meet a couple of friends at the train station where we will head to Xian and Juizhaigou National Park for our week off. Most of the group from the programme are heading to Shanghai, but I’d rather do more sightseeing. Lets bring on the Terracotta Warriors!


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