Oh China, why do you do this?

Why oh WHY did this happen?? We just got word that from next week, our teaching timetable is going to change…. 2 months into the semester. So instead of finishing at 4:55, the school decided to change it to 5:35. Instead of having an hour and a half break (which is more than enough), we have now been given 2 hours. Our classes now run a half hour late. Whats more, between the double class, the students were given 5 minutes to use the bathroom, they have now been given 10 minutes. 

Apparently one of the reasons for the extra half hour for lunch was because the students asked for it as they didn’t have enough time for lunch. I got 1 hour for lunch….this  2 hour break is mad. This school must be run by the students?

So compared to everyone else in the programme, our lunch break isn’t included in our 35 hours working, and we have to work later than everyone else.

And I thought our Advisor had something GOOD to say.



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