I had my first Halloween away from home. So the theme for this week’s lesson was about Halloween! I have two different types of classes, 3 classes are Elective classes, where the students have chosen to study English and want to go to my class. These are 3rd year students, but I’ve had about 30 boys join one class and they are 1st year students. The other 2 classes are Required, meaning they are training to be flight attendants. Both of these are 1st years, so they are pretty wild. These HAVE to attend class because its, hence the name; required.

That means I had a good week lesson planning wise, I used most of my material from the elective classes for required, having only to modify it to make it easier for the 1st years. I discussed its origins, showed them pictures of pumpkins, Halloween food,  children in costumes, and showed my little nephew with his Vampire costume on him. All the classes went ‘ooohhhh he’s so cute and beautiful!’ They love when I show them pictures of my family, home or my friends.  I showed them trailers from ‘The Shining’, ‘The Ring’ and ‘Halloween’, and asked them to look at how they make them scary.

For one class, I veered off Halloween altogether and ended up talking about St Patrick’s day, and showing them pictures of parades and people wearing green. We talked about aliens, psychics and mediums in the same lesson. You honestly don’t know what you will end up discussing in the classes.

I’ve also been invited out to a Chinese show. It was a show for the first year students, where they sang, danced and done Kung Fu. I saw some of my students on stage aswell. Me and Charlotte had ‘reserved’ seats… being brought to the chairs closest to the stage!

The following Friday, we were invited once again to see a singing competition. I was brought to the top chairs, where we were told we have to vote for the best singer. I didn’t think I would be actually judging the singers! The Chinese absolutely love these types of shows. The room was huge, and loads of students were cheering, it was a great atmosphere.

And we are not the only 2 foreign people in the area anymore! Four Belgium boys arrived last week and are staying in the teacher’s dorms with us. They are working in Volvo as part of their Master’s degree. Our college is in partnership with the company, meaning they stay with us. It’s been good to have Western people here, and the girls LOVE them. All I keep hearing is ‘they are sooo handsome’. The Chinese girls are extremely shy though, and they won’t go up and speak to them.

Saying that, the boys here are also quite shy. Loads of times, I have walked past a group of boys, then when we have passed each other, they would say ‘HELLO’. I would have to turn around and shout hello back to them.

For Halloween, the students union decided to have a little party. Me, Charlotte and the Belgium guys were all invited to this party, where it ended up being held outside in a basketball  court. They had lights, Halloween pumpkins, chairs (where we were directed to sit, we were treated like VIP’s), a microphone, speakers, and music playing. (They were playing One Directions songs when we arrived, which I WASN’T  impressed with)  They gave out witches hats, sweets, a mask, and…. glow sticks! I laughed when they gave us glow sticks, of all things!

The party went like this: they literally forced Charlotte to sing, but she was having none of it. They then moved onto me and, without any luck, tried to make me sing a song. I had to use the ‘I have a cold, cough cough) tactic. Although it actually is true, I was dying the previous days with it.

They then targeted the Belgiums.  Up they went, put on the lyrics, and sang a Dutch song. The music was off from the lyrics, meaning they kind of butchered it… but the Chinese still enjoyed it!

After that, we were hounded with Chinese students. I mean HOUNDED. Everywhere you turned there were students taking pictures, wanting pictures, queuing for pictures. ‘Can I take a picture with you?’ was asked about 30 times. You couldn’t get away from them! It honestly felt like I was famous. I think that’s the closest feeling I’m going to get being famous. So if you wanna be famous…go to China.

I then ended up agreeing to play ‘musical chair’s’. Now I haven’t played musical chairs since I was a child. And I ended up being placed with all boys! So there I was, running around 6 chairs with 7 Chinese boys, with some of my students looking and laughing, well at least they know I can have a laugh! I only lasted 1 turn, then I was sprayed with this white spray; ruining my curled hair especially done for the party!

Soon after, we decided to head, us foreigner s needed food! We managed to sneak away where we met one of my students, and he decided to come with us for food outside the college. We had a few drinks and had a Chinese barbeque. We didn’t get back until 12am, and my student’s curfew is supposed to be at 10…. In my eyes, at 21 he’s a grown up, so he can do what he pleases!

MMmmm I wonder what they have planned for us at Christmas?

Well let’s just say, I won’t be surprised if we get Glow Sticks again.


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