Strange strange names!

My students have some very strange names! They don’t even have the excuse of picking them when they are younger, these guys are 18+. There is Onana, Babe, Gelinna, Siri (always reminds me of the iphone), YY, CC, Nony, Smiley, Wanna, Sherlock, SMALL BLACK. I have no idea where he picked that from! Then I have Dou Flamingo, apparently that’s a cartoon character. We have Pain, Summer-who is a boy, Castle, Crebo and Rose-who is also a boy.

One girl must like Friday’s because her name is Friday.

Then we have the numbers: Eleven, Seven and Sixteen. These are all in the same class.

These are just some of the strange names that I have in my classes. But, they are unique, meaning these are the people I actually remember in the class!

Oh, I also have Soldier, because he wants to be a Soldier.


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