Barbeque in November

I never would have thought I’d be having a barbeque, in China…in November. But there you have it, a first! It was a little gathering with me, Charlotte and all of our teaching assistants. The Dean of the Department also made an appearance. Although we were a little daunted by this whole new experience, it actually was an enjoyable day!

On Saturday morning, we left at 9:30am. This is a ridiculous time to go for a barbeque, but whatever the Dean says, it goes. The boot of the car was packed with food: beef, pork, fish, cabbage, potatoes…. The lot! For snacks, we had oranges, bananas and what we call ‘bird seeds’. Chinese people love eating peanuts and seeds (the seed is in the middle and you have to break it open with your teeth), we told them we give those seeds to the birds at home, which they laughed at.

Typical, the weather wasn’t on our side. It was freezing, windy and there was a great chance of rain. Still, we headed to a ‘park’… meaning a golf resort.  We set the chairs up in the freezing cold, got the barbeque ready and prepared the food.

What turned out to be a bit of a terrible day actually turned out great! The food was lovely, we were chatting and having a laugh, and then we got to experience typical Chinese photography. We randomly met a couple of people who had fancy cameras with them, and they proceeded to take photos of us, telling us how to pose, move our heads, point to the sky. THEN, we had to do a typical Chinese photograph… jumping up in the air while the photographer takes the photos. All 10 of us jumping up in the air like eejits. The Chinese were loving it, obviously their years of practice made them naturals at it. Me and Charlotte however felt just a tad silly.


This was our typical Chinese photo of us jumping.

My assistant Jason, or as he says Jaason, also made me and Charlotte some calligraphy. He does it himself and I was really impressed. It was so nice of him!

So after the barbeque, we headed back to the apartment to put the food away. Not even half the food got eaten. Then we decided to hit KTV. Although it was supposed to be all of the assistants going, only Amy and Liang could come, so it was just the 4 of us. I have to say, Chinese people actually sing very well. They can sing very high pitched, even the men!


We ended up staying in KTV for 3 hours! We then headed back to the college and went to a Chinese place down the road for food. So the day actually turned out really well. I just hope they don’t decide to have another barbeque in December!

Then on Sunday, me and Charlotte had a wee day out in Chengdu city. We hit Chunxi Road and I just went mad altogether, spending over 500yuan, or €50 on a dress, jeans and shoes. Now I have an excuse, I have no clothes, and I mean NO clothes, so I actually did need them. Then we went to a Chinese restaurant and actually got what we ordered! Although, we did ask for 12 potatoes, and we were given 4. On Friday we were in the city again and we opted for the easy Pizza Hut, so we HAD to get Chinese this time. We have no excuse really.We also treated ourselves to a Starbucks, where I got a Gingerbread coffee, it was lovely!


I also notice a few shops have Christmas decorations which is a little strange, it also reminds me that I’m going to miss my first ever Christmas at home….


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