We’re off to see the Pandas.

With only like 4 weeks until I am finished, my PARCEL finally arrived! It has taken over one month, where it has been sent BACK to Ireland from London, it didn’t even reach China. So my Mum had to send it again, arriving on Wednesday. She has stuffed it full of sweets, Tayto crisps, Pringles, tea, coffee, tights, soups, clothes to last me forever, pyjamas (one of the best things she put in it), pasta, hair bands, pop socks, make-up remover wipes (very useful) and of course, a Christmas jumper with a reindeer on it…and a Christmas Pudding! Ha I was shocked to see a Christmas pudding of all things in it. Some of the more random things she put in it is about 20 chicken stock cubes and about 3 full tubes of tomato puree.  To my surprise, Mum made a little parcel for my room-mate too! While I wasn’t in great form during this week, my parcel really lifted my spirit. Thanks Mum! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The job I had to get it from the office to my apartment was a struggle. That day I decided to wear high heels, so after work I had to carry the HUGE box, in the dark to my apartment. My arms are still aching from carrying it! So the next night me and Charlotte decided to make pasta with our tomato sauce. We cheated a bit, where we went down the street and picked up some mushrooms, veg, chicken from a food vendor. They cook their food on their own home-made ‘cooking area’ on a sort of Tuk-Tuk bike. We usually stick to one man because we know he has nice food. We selected our food then he cooks it for us. We headed back to the apartment where we enjoyed our lovely tomato pasta  and veg dinner! It was so nice to have something different.

On Friday night, we had our weekly movie night in my Chinese friends apartment. In advance, we tell him what films are good so he can download them for us. I chose ‘Seven’ with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. I have seen this movie several times I think it’s great. Neither of the other 2 had seen it so I thought it would be a good choice. Another good film is ‘The Bone Collector’ so we might watch that another time. We plan on watching a Christmas movie at Christmas so I’m looking forward to that!

Yesterday we decided to hit the Pandas! Typical, the weather wasn’t good and it was raining, meaning the Pandas would be kept inside because of the rain. It stopped though as we arrived, meaning all them were out. They have the life! Lounging about, pretty much sleeping and eating, maybe climbing a few trees if they’re feeling adventurous.  We also saw the baby pandas, asleep inside. They are like big balls of fur. Their so cute, or as my Chinese friend said ‘they are sweet’. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


After the Pandas, we got dinner. We were all starving at this stage. We got a typical Sichuan dish called mao cai. There are shelves full of food where you pick what you want. We picked meat, veg, shrimp dumplings, tofu, lotus, mushrooms, beansprouts, potato and pumpkin. They then cook the food for you, and give it to you in a large bowl full of spices. It is similar to Hot Pot. Usually mao cai is served individually, where each person would get their own bowl with what they picked, but because we were such a large group, we got 3 large bowls of food to eat together. I love this dish and the food is really spicy.

With our belly’s full, it was then KTV time. 2 of the Belgiums decided to head back to the college, so there were 7 of us that went to it. I have never been to this one before. There was a large selection of music and the sound system was a lot better than the previous one we went to. We stayed there was about 3 hours, leaving at 10:30pm. It was too late to get the subway back because it was closed, so we had to try and flag a taxi to take 5 people back to the college, which was about 1 hour away. Although it was difficult, as they don’t usually take 5 people in a taxi, we managed to get one. I was squished in the back with the 3 Chinese fellas, but the time went fast, teaching me Chinese phrases…ha and laughing when I said it wrong.Chinese is too hard!

Another enjoyable weekend had!


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