Western food and St Patricks Day


A recap on the week.

I’m a day late with the ‘Happy St Patricks Day’, but there you are. This was due to the fact that I was working, then one of the teachers, who is English, text me and said ‘Aisling, tomorrow is St Patricks day, so you’re coming to the pub with us tomorrow night.’ …. So, yano, I HAD to go out.

So at 7:30 after lessons, I waited for the other 3 teachers and we went to our (only) local pub called MU.  So I celebrated St Patricks day with 2 English and a Canadian… drinking Chinese beer, playing the game ‘I have never…’ (where, being the only girl, I had a distinct advantage on many of my ‘I’ve never…’, the boys were NOT happy),  getting McDonalds at 3am, and riding on the back of one of the others bike. He assured me he was quite capable of riding it and he wasn’t THAT drunk, but at 3am there were no cars, so we had the road to ourselves. And we made it home in one piece too! So that was my St Patricks day! Very different to the ones I would have back home.

So the previous week I met one of my friends that I met on the internship, where we went to a place called Grandmas Kitchen.  It’s a Western restaurant that is situated on the Nijiaqiao line 1 and it is literally outside the subway entrance. I’ve been there  before so I got my usual Hamburger, which is delicious. Then my friend suggested we visit Hakkas, an infamous pub for people to smoke weed. I’ve never visited it before because I never wanted, or needed to go, but I decided to see what the place was like because I’ve heard about it a lot.

Its located on the top floor of some apartments, 14 floors up….and well, it’s literally just like a house, with a bar. Although it was good to finally see the place, it’s not my cup of tea at all.

Oh and yes, it is very funny looking at a Chinese person trying to use a knife and fork. On one of my days off , I decided to hit Chunxi Road, and buy some clothes. My Chinese friend came and met me where we went looking for Chinese language books for me, then we went to a steak restaurant. I had to laugh when my friend was (trying) to use his knife and fork. I had to show him how to hold them… awkward was an understatement. And apparently I’m ‘skilled’ at eating spaghetti with a fork and spoon. You know, when you twirl the spaghetti onto the fork with your spoon.

Oh and yes, the spaghetti comes with the steak, on the same plate. I have NO idea why they think that is the Western way of eating steak…. and sometimes, if you’re lucky, you might get a fried egg with it too.

And I can’t believe how time is flying! This year is going to go so fast….


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