“You should go to Vietnam”

I was skyping with my family, and my Dad asks “What are you going to do after the year? You should go to Vietnam”. I’d love to visit Vietnam. Ever since I watched an episode of ‘Top Gear’ where the presenters had a challenge; they had to travel from South Vietnam to the North on motorbikes.
Well I know I’ll definitely be in China for a year, so when that time comes, I’ll have to think about what I want to do.
The things pulling me to stay in China are these = I want to learn the language. The friends that I have met. The company that I work for is good. I want to explore China more. I’ve become settled in my community and apartment.
The things that aren’t = I don’t work a straight 9-5 job, meaning my hours of teaching are literally all over the shop which I don’t like. I work during the weekend, meaning I can’t meet people who are off. Life is becoming monotonous. Sometimes I’m lonely and bored because I can’t meet anyone and other teachers work when I’m off.
Not only that, I see myself constantly checking up on my ‘tour guide’ programme which I mentioned in one of my previous posts. I would love to do that. But, you need tourism experience so I’m not sure if I’m eligible.
I would also like to try a summer camp, where you teach students in the summer. I’d love to go to Italy to do it.
I know I have months yet to decide, but before you know it, it will be Christmas and I’ll have to quickly decide.

Or maybe I will be more certain what I will do by then…


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