The Chinese and their sports.

The Chinese love their badminton and their table tennis. Once the sun is shining, you see adults and children playing badminton inside their apartment complex. Then at night, you hear the (now familiar) sound of table tennis/ ping pong being played.

One of the teachers bought a badminton and table tennis set, so I tried my hand at table tennis. I have never played it in my life, so I was prepared to be terrible. At first I wasn’t great, but then after a few practices I actually started to get better! So much so, two of the teachers (who are really good at it and play a lot) were shocked that I never played it before, and said I was good! Apparently I’m good at hitting the ball exactly at the corner of the table, and that I can switch from hitting the ball from one side of the table to the other.
Although I’m not great at serving, and I get a bit too carried away with the ball and hit it too hard, ending up sending it flying to the other end of the room. But…practice makes perfect.

I’ve also purchased a new bike! I thought it would be a good investment because I’m here for a year and I will get exercise too. Also, there is no need to wait for the bus that is unpredictable. I think the hardest thing about cycling on the roads here is first of all, the roads. Some are in really bad condition so I have to make sure I don’t hit any of the big holes.

Second, crossing the roads. It’s difficult because although the green light is on for me to cross, other cars coming from a different direction are also allowed to move, so I have to contend with that also.
Third, people stepping/ cars and tuck tucks driving out in front you. I know it’s like this all over the world, but Chinese laws are quite relaxed with rules of the road, so I have to be extra careful.

Other than that, it has been a non exciting week. On a bad note, our campus has been split into two different campuses. Our old one was split into two and they were just down the hall from one another. (When the main campus was full, we had our class in the adjacent smaller campus). But our lovely landlord decided to sell the main campus to another person, and he kicked us out.

So that means we had to look for a new one, while keeping the smaller one. The smaller one doesn’t even have a sitting room for the parents, so they have to sit outside the classrooms. Not ideal at all.

The new campus is a lot bigger, with a big foyer for the parents with a big sofa, and 6 classrooms.
So myself and two other teachers are mainly based in the small campus, while another 2 are situated in the new one. The rest are split between the two.

I’m not really happy about it but we have to stay in the small one until November, then we can see what we can do.

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