Open Door Round 2

I didn’t have high hopes for my second Open Door, my first went terribly, even I wouldn’t have been impressed with me if I was a parent. So with my second Open Door, I was a little nervous about.

I had it at 9am so at least I didn’t have to wait all day for it. My two students, age 6 or 7 (forget) are usually great in class. And they didn’t disappoint. One students Mum was there, with the other students sister. This time round I was more prepared. I had my flashcards ready, had my topics ready, activities that I was going to use all prepared and I knew what I was going to do.

I have to say, I was SO proud of my students. They done great. Everything we done in class I reviewed with them. Open doors are usually when you show the parents what you taught them, a review class. (My first OD was NOT like this at all).

The students actually talked English, and they were really showing off what they knew. They weren’t shy and they done everything that I asked. I was so happy with them that I gave them 2 sweets after class! One of the students forgot a few vocab so I had to remind her, while the other one was helping her, making sure her Mum knew how good she was at English.

Because this class lasted an hour and half, after 45 minutes the parent and sister left, so I continued with the lesson. We had a quick 5 minute discussion with them afterwards and they seemed pleased, with the only thing I need to pay attention to is the students speaking Chinese during class.

I’m more prepared with my future Open Doors, where I have the feeling my next one is with one of my lesser favourite students. I feel as if I am teaching her nothing, because she is either tired, hungry, too lazy or doesn’t want to be there. Personally I think it’s all four.

I also have a new student on a Saturday for 1 hour. She used to be with a group but her Mum wants her to practice more oral English so she is now just with me. The first day she was a little shy with me but I think she will be a very good student. She seems really nice. I love when you get students that are just great students and you don’t mind teaching them. That’s half the battle.

My worst class is the babies…. Oh my god I’m going crazy with them. I have one group aged 4 and it is a real challenge. It used to be 2 girls but one left because the parents thought she was too young. Now there is a boy and girl. And lucky for me, they don’t get along. Typically, the boy likes playing with cars, while the girl prefers to play with cakes and girly things. The girl has in fact become sadder since the boy arrived. Its hard to see.

I have no idea what I’m going to do with them. I am literally stressed with them because they keep fighting and don’t share. Then the girl just sits on the chair and doesn’t want to do anything because she doesn’t want to play with the boy. The only time they do get along is when the boy starts singing a Chinese song and she starts singing with him. Then I CAN’T teach them anything because they are too busy singing.

To top it off, the boy’s granny has to sit inside the classroom because he starts to cry. So I have HER looking at me during the catastrophic class. It really is bad. I know I can ask to move the class to another teacher if I feel like I can’t handle them, but I’ll persevere until I feel that I can do no more. It’s just obvious that the students just don’t mix and they shouldn’t be in the class together.

So hopefully my future open doors will go smoothly, and my babies will cop themselves on and start being good, or I’ll package them up and ship them to another unfortunate teachers soul.


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