Where’s my bike?

My bike has disappeared. I was pretty shocked to see that it wasn’t where I left it. I was even more surprised to see that every bike and e-bike that are usually parked beside mine were also gone. All of them. Not one left. Puzzling though, the bikes left inside the complex were also gone. So I had a wander around the building, no luck. I was thinking ‘some b*****d stole all the bikes and put them on a truck’. That actually has happened to one person I know. So I contacted my fellow colleague and sure enough I get a response saying ‘yeah mine was gone also, they have been moved underground to block 35′.

Apparently there is a sign saying that we are not supposed to park our bikes there. Now this sign is in Chinese, so I was not aware I was breaking the law. But there you go, after being here for 5 months, they finally decided to enforce it.

So I have a gander down to block 35… the bicycle graveyard it seems. There were around 60 bikes crammed together. The ones at the back of the room were full of dust so they have been laying idle for a while it seemed. But alas, my bike wasn’t there. Apparently they have put the bikes according to building. So my one is with everyone elses from my building. The only problem is I don’t know WHERE they put them.

So I gave my number to the man who takes care of the bikes (he actually sleeps in block 35, I saw his bed) and he said he will ring when he knows where my bike is located. God knows how that will work out, it was obvious he knew no English.

So I have to either get the bus or a tuck tuck to work for the foreseeable future. I really miss the bike though, I realise how much I need it.

But I have to laugh. Only in China would they move your bike without telling you.

Oh you still amaze me.


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