I am not a model.

First we have to do interviews, next we are posing for photos. I think my company is turning us into wannabe celebrities in China.

Last week our campuses marketing guy came up to me and asked me in broken English “I want to take photo of you.” Rather surprised, I asked him why. He replies “For the website”. So apparently the company is taking photos of all the teacher and putting them on their website.

So I took one normal one, thinking that was done. But no, he said “you have to do different photo”. I asked how could I do a different photo? He shows me his phone of MODELS doing different poses; twiddling their hair, hands on the hips… you know, model poses.

So I attempted to try a model pose. It is hard! First of all, I don’t think I am photogenic whatsoever. You know, some people just take good photos, whereas I don’t. Well I think I don’t anyway. But I gave it a go.
What I gathered from that experience is…

1. I am not a natural poser. I just don’t like posing in photos. I like to take a quick simple one and then it’s done. No messing with getting a pose right or tilting the head. I don’t like getting photos taken of me.
2. It’s hard! All the celebrities make it look so easy and natural. Me, I didn’t know what to do. Where do I put my hands? What about my head? Do I look at the camera? So much to think about!

I ended up doing one messing with my hair (yes it probably looked like a messy photo too), and another one with my hand to my chin, trying to look cute yet mysterious, probably looking the opposite of what I hoped to achieve.

I am imagining they may put these posed photos in some leaflets or some banners for the company. They have done that with other teachers. Their face plastered all around Chengdu. I hope they don’t pick me.


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