I’m Sorry!

I promise I haven’t disappeared! I’m very sorry for not writing a blog in quite a while, my excuses were, number 1: I’ve lost the habit of writing one each week. Number 2: My computer is now broke, so that has given me an extra excuse not to write one.

I’ve read countless of blogs that were once very active, but have now gone quiet, promising myself that I would never do that to my blog. And looks whats happening. . . But I will try and do one each week.

So a little catch up from my life in Chengdu.

As the famous Ted Stark from Game of Thrones always said ‘Winter is coming’, it sure is coming to Chengdu. Although today there is blue sky and it is around 24 degrees, winter is definitely coming. Today I plan on buying a jacket because its starting to get cold. And I hear at home there is supposed to be a mini summer.. in October!

I’ve also been having some trouble with one of my groups that I teach. (what a surprise). We’ll see how the next few weeks play out, but to be honest, I’m sick of the kids disrespecting me and the Grannys saying I haven’t taught them anything. They have been out of class for the summer so when they came back they (naturally) forgot a lot of things. So I planned on reviewing everything with them. Whats the point in starting something new when they can’t remember the previous things?

But of course the parents were wondering why was I reviewing things with them, they just want me to teach them new things. So thats what I”m doing now. Then the Grannies are giving out that they don’t remember anything. Duh, thats why I was reviewing it, so they would remember it again. One day I might actually just snap and say ‘Fine then, If you think they are not learning anything, then I’m not going to teach them anymore’.

But on a lighter note, I’m planning a trip to Mexico with my boyfriend in December to visit his parents. I thought the whole process would be easy: give my form to my Centre Manager for approval, she signs it, and there you go, I’m going to Mexico. But that didn’t exactly work out.

I found the form without her signature so I asked her again would she sign it for me. She said its a very long holiday and she doesn’t want to give it to me. (the holiday). Its mainly due to the fact that because we plan on going for 5 weeks, there will be no one to cover the classes for that time.

Yet, there are loads of teachers that go on holidays sometimes for 2 months, or holidays every 4/5 months. I haven’t gone on any in 7 months. I think I should deserve this at least.

But we shall see if she signs it. My boyfriend has gotten his signed no problem.

Or I may be spending Christmas alone again this year.


P.S; This is for my Mum and my friend Sarah S. They have wondered where my blogs have disappeared to.