National Day & Its Madness

China is recovering from its National Day holiday, so that meant it has has been mad here the past few days. This also meant that quite a lot of my teaching classes were cancelled. So myself and a few friends decided to do something seen that our company were so kind as to give us an extra day off. You know, most other companies give 3 days off, but unfortunately our company isn’t as forgiving.

Because it was literally only organised the day before our holidays,we decided to go to a little city North of Chengdu about 4-5 hours by train. All the major tourist destinations would be too busy, and anyway, it would be unlikely we would get tickets in such short notice.

In comparison to Chengdu, Guangyuan is tiny, with a mere 1-2 million people living there whereas Chengdu has around 14 million. This meant plenty of stares by the Chinese. Im not sure if they see many foreigners around their area.

We decided to stay in a 5 star hotel up a small mountain for two nights. It was incredibly cheap, and it was brand new so we were very lucky. Behind it, it has two big outdoor hot springs, with smaller ones dotted around the area. At the far back, they have a huge wave pool, although there was no water in it because the hotels not even ‘officially opened’ yet. They also had 2 big slides and an huge indoor pool. I presume they intend on having a lot of guests in the future.

The whole area around it was lovely, surrounded by mountains; the sky was blue and the air was so clean and fresh. Such a difference from Chengdu.

While we were there, we decided to visit a little temple area, where there were carvings on the rock wall quick similar to the ones I have seen in Chongqing and at the Buddha in Leshan. Its unbelievable to think thousands of years ago that they were capable of carving statues in the rock that are 100 feet high.

We only stayed in Guangyuan for 2 days then we got the train back home. We did contemplate going to Xian, where the Terracotta Warriors are located, but we decided no. This time last year I went there and it was crazy. I vowed never to go again to a touristy place when there is a holiday. It’s not worth it.

When we have time, me and my boyfriend are planning to visit Jiuzhaigou National Park. I visited last October and it was beautiful. I know he would enjoy it, and I would to see it again, so hopefully we’ll be able to go.


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