My irritation

I’ve been living in China for over a year now. Sometimes it’s hard to believe, but there you go.

The first few months of living here, it was definitely a culture shock. After I got used to that, things sort of got, well, normal.

The food was normal, the people were beginning to feel normal and their way of life; I was getting used, or conditioned to it.

Then the feeling of, not so much as anger, but more of an irritation of China began to creep in.

Although I am not saying China is a bad place, not at all. I’ve lived here for a year already, and plan to for another one. But I think your opinions and feelings are continuously shaped my events happening around you, people you’re with, and just your general state of mind.

I think my feeling of irritation is being directed at Chengdu. Maybe I need to experience and live in another part of China.

One of the worst aspects of Chengdu is definitely the weather. Now I know Ireland is famed for it’s rainy weather, but in Chengdu, it’s rare to see even a hint of blue sky. In Ireland, although it may be freezing, sometimes there would be no clouds and it would be so sunny and nice.

In Chengdu the weather is terrible. Fog, fog, and rain. That’s literally it. Oh and the pollution. We can’t forget that.

The weather changes the mood of everyone, especially in Ireland, where everyone has this euphoria.

It is a great place for expats to live however. If you are a first timer going to live in China, I think Chengdu is a great starting point.

There are loads of other expats about.

Large bar street dedicated mainly to foreigners.

Plenty of language schools so it’s easy to find a job.

Transport system is easy to navigate; mainly talking about the subway here.

Lots of Western restaurants: Petes Tex Mex, Mikes Pizza, Grandmas Kitchen, Helens Bar & Restaurant.

So, if you an individual who gets affected by the weather, don’t come to Chengdu.


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