My life has now been consumed by the thought of HOLIDAYS.

Myself and my boyfriend are going to Mexico ( his hometown) for a month in December. I can’t wait! Each day I am counting down the day we leave. We are going to visit his parents and do some sight seeing.

It was quite difficult to get the time off work, but I managed it.

Now the only problem, it’s only October. I still have 40 something days to wait.

So then, after my contract finishes, we hopefully will go to Ireland in around April. My sister is having a baby in February so I definitely have to come home and visit.

My initial plan was to go home in December, but then I decided to postpone it until after my sister has the baby so I would be able to see him/her.

It will be good to visit home. I’ve been missing it the past few weeks. I think it’s because I know I won’t be there for Christmas. Last year I was in China and I worked Christmas Day, so it was a very sad day indeed. I remember Skyping them that night and the feeling of loneliness and missing out was awful. At the time, I promised myself I would be at home next Christmas.

But il be in Mexico and I WON’T be working. Already it’s better than last years.

I just wish the days would hurry up.


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