Countries/ Places I want to visit

I’ve seen some other bloggers wrote a blog about countries or places that they want to visit, I thought I may aswell do one.

These are in no particular order, and in some countries/ places I have no specific area that I want to visit, I just want to.

NEW YORK: I what to visit New York to see the amazing skyline and buildings of New York. Where I am from, these don’t exist. I also want to visit the many Museums.

SAN FRANCISCO: I think the city itself seems really nice, with the long steep roads and the architecture, to me it seems like a beautiful city.

THE GRAND CANYON: It would be amazing to see.

GERMANY: From films that I’ve seen from Germany, I think the countries architecture is really nice. I love the traditional houses.

SWITZERLAND: I want to visit the gorgeous mountains and maybe go skiing. I also love the log cabins; I can just imagine myself there; with fluffy pyjamas on, a lovely roaring fire, a hot cup of tea and with the snow falling outside.

AUSTRIA: Again, I would like to see the architecture, but also visit the concentration camps. They would be so interesting to see and you would learn so much about what happened there.

ITALY: I once saw a movie that starred Giovani Ribisi ( Frank from Friends) and ever since seeing the countryside from the film, I’ve always wanted to go.

JAPAN: I want to see how different Japan is to China; it’s houses, people, food, customs and more.

VIETNAM: Ever since watching the programme called ‘Top Gear’ where the presenters had to get from South Vietnam to North Vietnam on 2nd hand motorbikes, I have always wanted to visit.

NEW ZEALAND: I want to visit the set where Lord of the Rings was made, and see the lovely scenery from the movies.

I would be pretty shocked if I managed to visit all of them in my lifetime, but I can dream. Maybe I might win the lotto?

But take everything one step at a time. At the moment I’m quite close to Japan and Vietnam… So maybe I could one day visit those countries.


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