A little weekend trip

So last week myself and a few other decided to head west of Chengdu. Going west means you are heading into Tibetan influenced areas. We quickly found out that everything revolves in and around Chengdu, and that anywhere else is deemed ‘rural’.

We decided to rent a car for the journey. It’s more comfortable, plus, a friend of a friend living in Beijing came down so he assured us he would drive. The madness of Chinese roads makes me wonder how anyone can drive on them.

So we left at around 9am on Tuesday and we arrived there in the afternoon. The peoples facial features were different, looking similar to Tibetan people. They speak a different dialect to people in Chengdu, and their houses are very much different. Here, because no one would dream to live many hours away from a city, they have plenty of land, so they can comfortably build a house. The opposite is true for Chengdu, where there is literally no space to build any type of house other than high rise apartments. Plus it is extremely extremely expensive.

One thing we did notice is how fresh the air is. Although it was colder than Chengdu, the weather was actually nice! We could actually see blue sky. The freshness of the air reminded me of Ireland air, stepping off the plane and breathing the freshness of it, especially coming from China.

The first evening we decided to walk around the small town 20 minutes away from our hotel. By town, I mean a road with about a dozen houses and shops. I have no idea how they manage to sell anything because it was pretty obvious not many people visit there.

The next day we headed up the mountains. When we arrived there was snow which I wasn’t expecting. I presumed the weather would be the same as Chengdu, but it was because we were at such a high altitude it was cold enough for snow.

The place reminded me a lot of Jiuzhaigou in Northern Sichuan, but on a much much smaller scale. It was really Christmassy because of all the snow on the trees and the mountains.

On the way up, the Chinese on the bus were extremely excited to see all the snow. It was quite apparent some of none don’t encounter snow very often. OOOHHH and AAAHHH were heard on the bus all the way up to the mountain.

It’s nice to see other parts of Sichuan. Hopefully I’ll be able to see many more places in China.


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