Are things beginning to look up?

I know I rant about some of my troublesome students on my blog. There were two in particular that drove me up the wall. But finally, after 9 months with one of my groups, the two girls are splitting up.

From the beginning they were a nuisance. It was a roller-coaster of a class. The first few months weren’t very good. Then, suddenly they started to behave themselves. Then, when they came back after the summer holidays; BAM, they were very bold again. I was at the end of my tether with them.

But one day, one of the girls didn’t want to go to class. I presumed it was because of me, she didn’t want to have class. But I was reassured that it was because she didn’t want to have class with the other student.

So me and the other student had class.

I’m telling you, it was the best class I had. Because there was only one of them, it was a great class. She wasn’t chatting, jumping about and generally causing mayhem. She did what I asked her to do, and she really tried to speak English and to learn.

During the class, she looked up at the clock and imitated it. Tick Tick Tick. She never heard the clock make that sound before because her and the other student always talked in class. I said to her ‘Yes, thats because you and Wendy keep talking and talking and talking’. She laughed.

After class I told the mother that she was very very good today. Surprisingly then, my Chinese PA for that class said ‘Aisling, Cherry’s Mum wants her to be split, so she will be 1-1.’ I assured the parent that that was the best option. So now, the two girls are going to be split.

Also, another one of my groups that was causing me trouble has really turned around. She is around 4 years old and she gets bored very quickly. She is the girl that kept saying ‘I hate you’ in Chinese. Well, no more! She actually enjoys playing with me now, and its a good class. Although I still need a tonne of things to keep her entertained or else I hear ‘mei you xia ke?’: is class finished?.

But typical, when I have only about 2 weeks left until Mexico. then only 2 months of my contract, its NOW that things begin to change. If it changed the first week I started, it would have been much better.

But I suppose, better late than never.


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