Here I (nearly) come Mexico.


In less than 2 weeks I’ll be on my to Mexico. Honestly, I’ve been literally counting down the days until leaving day. And the time has NEARLY arrived.

This is my last full week of teaching for 1 month. I’ve asked my boyfriend what will be the plan, but basically;

See the sights of his hometown.
1. Visit Mexico city.
2. Visit historic sights.
3. Learn to cook with his mother.
4. Celebrate New Years with his family and extended family.
5. Enjoy the sunshine.
6. Not think about work or China.
Numbers 1-3 will be enjoyable, but number 4…. One thing his Mum needs to know:I cant cook. I don’t know what it is. I don’t enjoy it. I get stressed out. I get irritated. Something that I imagine will taste nice just tastes mediocre. It takes hours. Have to keep an eye on 3 dishes cooking at the same time. I don’t know when each ingredient is cooked.

All these things ends up making me really dislike cooking. So hopefully his mother will teach me something very easy to make.

Number 5: Mexican family’s are big, and, like my boyfriends family, they have big gatherings where all the relatives come over and eat loads of food. They are planning to have one of these when I arrive, so they will all meet me: the mysterious Irish girl with white skin.

For me, being the centre of attention isn’t exactly something I crave. I prefer to be more in the background. So this gathering is a bit daunting for me.

I’m sure it will go great, and I hear some of the relatives speak English so that’s another plus. But in Mexico, everything will be a new experience.

I’m also looking forward to lie on’s! I don’t have to wake up early and teach, I can relax, enjoy the sun, and not have to worry about any of my kids for a month. It will be a month of bliss.

I’m not even going to think about life after Mexico until I”m back in China. This makes me very very sad indeed.

So this week, our priority is to try and buy some souvenirs to bring from China for the family.

12th of December….. please hurry.


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