Life in Mexico

I’ve been in Mexico for nearly one week. One week already!? I’m getting sad thinking about it already. The time is flying by.

But I’ve done a few things while I have been here. On Saturday, because we arrived on Friday, it was a lazy day. We went to the cinema and saw the new Hobbit film. I noticed that although it’s in Mexico, there is a definite American influence in the cinema.

In Ireland you can get a small, medium or large drink. Usually people get medium one. The large is a little too big. Although they are minute in comparison to these ones I saw in Mexico. The large ones are HUGE! I was so surprised to see such a huge cup. I also noticed the famous ice drinks; we call them Slush Puppies at home. They are the drinks full of ice and some flavouring. I noticed those were being sold in gigantic portions. It was crazy to see!

We also went to a sushi restaurant which I was a little apprehensive to visit. I don’t like fish, and a sushi restaurant equals hell to me. I ordered a vegetarian one and it was quite nice… Although there was seaweed in it meaning every mouthful meant me thinking ‘seaweed seaweed seaweed seaweed’ and then tasting the stuff too, next time I will ask for no seaweed. Mm I wonder can they do that…?

We also visited some impressive caves. One hour and a half away from where we are staying is a huge cave millions of years old. We went on a tour inside it which lasted about one hour. I can’t believe that underneath mountains there are these vast caves tunneling their way through the mountain.

In the cave we came across a mound of stones and a cross. Apparently in the last century, an English man ( documents on him prove this) went with his dog inside the cave to look for silver: the area is abundant with silver. Something must have happened and he couldn’t find his way out.

His dog tried to bark and let other people know, but the people thought it was a menacing and unworldly creature barking from the caves meaning no one would help.
People eventually found the deceased man and dog; the dog lay beside his master where they both died. The tour guides now retell this story to the visitors.

So after the caves we went on a small boat down the river beside the mountain and then we rode on horses back to the entrance of the park. The last time I was on a horse was in a Tibetan area of China. Mad how different things are in just a year.

Finally, we visited a town called Taxco. It was very beautiful and the architecture was lovely. Apparently it is quite a popular tourist destination because it is a lovely town and the silver is supposed to very pure.

So those are just a few of what we have done, but because of this terrible jet lag my mind is like a sieve.

Jet lag is a bitch. We go to bed at nighttime around 9/10pm because we are so tired, then wake up between 4-5am. Always around that time…after about 20-30 minutes, I usually fall back to sleep until around 8:30-9:30am….. During the day I become very tired by 5 and needing a nap badly.

The downer on the trip is the jet lag. I can’t wait to get over it. Then I’ll really enjoy my time here!


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