It’s a new year!

Happy New Year to everyone. It’s amazing how time flies by. Also, this year means I’ll soon be in my mid-twenties!

I hope this year will hopefully be full of good things…… hopefully more travelling, meeting new people, improving my Mandarin, moving from my apartment to my boyfriends, ( no more having to take 2 busses and the subway to his almost 1 hour away), and to work in a new company.

But my parents have always said to me ‘once you’re happy, that’s the most important thing’. When I make a wish, my wish is just that I am happy. Once you are happy, nothing else matters. So I hope I’m going to be very happy this year.

Although I had planned on celebrating New Years with my boyfriends parents and his relatives, I ended up becoming sick with the cold, meaning me and himself stayed at home. Although I didn’t mind, it’s only once when it’s New Years, but I suppose everything happens for a reason. So not a particularly good start for the year; health wise.

Mexico wise, I’m dreading going back to China. Weather will be terrible, it will be cold, I have to work, everyone staring at me, still not understanding any Chinese…. but I am missing Chinese food, so I’m looking forward to that.

When I go back to work, I have to make up for the weeks I took off for Mexico, so about another month. I should be finished in February but unfortunately now I wont finish until the middle of March.

So the plan;

January: start work again.
Feb: move out of my apartment.
March: start University and finish job. Look for a new job.
July/August: visit home.

There are two weeks where I study mandarin and work at the same time, which I am dreading. This means for two weeks I will get no lies ons, as I will study from 8:30am to 12:00. Then I will have to travel 1 hour to work, because by this time I will be living with my boyfriend. Even on my days off I will have to go to Uni.

2 weeks of misery.

But the bright side….. visiting home in the summer, which I cannot wait for!

I cant wait to see my new niece or nephew, my current nephew, my sister, mum and dad, eating my mums dinners (yum), and showing my boyfriend around Ireland.

So I hope this year will be good. Last years was up and down, as was everyones, but I think this year will be good!

Well, I’ll try and make it so.

Happy New Year Everyone, I hope everyone has a great year.


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