The end is nearing.

My time in Mexico is almost at an end. We leave on Monday morning at 7am… meaning having to get up at a ridiculous time, and arriving back in good old Chengdu on Tuesday night. . . then work on Friday.

I’ve decided to go and buy a Spanish book so I can try and keep up with learning it in China. I know I’ve decided to study Mandarin too, but since coming to Mexico I’ve become more and more interested in learning Spanish. The thing that hit me the most with wanting to learn Spanish was because of my boyfriends relatives.

We were at breakfast last week with a few of his Aunts. They were chatting away in Spanish and laughing, and I was thinking ‘I wish I could understand them, they seem like such nice people and its a shame that I can’t get involved in their conversations.’ Of course they would talk to me in English, but it’s hard to truly express yourself when you have to be aware of how fast you’re speaking and the words that they may not understand… so its not really the same.

I promised them that when I visit again I will be able to speak to them in Spanish. Although I have no idea how long that might be, but I want to have improved my Spanish when the time comes.

My boyfriends Dad doesn’t speak English so that in itself is a reason to learn it.

At the moment I’m just learning simple Spanish, with little idea of grammer. When I ask Rafael about something in Spanish.. he explains the grammer side, which scares me… quietly telling him I don’t want to know. . . . Spanish grammer scares me, because I have no idea of it. I think I am doing great learning the vocab… but making an actual sentence…….. I have no idea.

So now I’m just enjoying the time that I have left here; the sunshine, the warmth… and trying VERY hard not to think of the return to Chengdu.

It’s not that I don’t want to go back…. well actually it is. I don’t want to go back to the cold, smoggy weather. . . and work.

But I know I’m making it out worse than what it will be like. I know I am. It’s never as bad as it seems.


2 thoughts on “The end is nearing.

  1. Hi, great post! I moved to Mexico last October and I love how we have similar problems! My partner’s family yap away in Spanish so fast it seems like they’re not even using a language, I mean surely it can’t sound like that to them when I’m speaking English at my normal pace? It’s fantastic but I have a little advice for you that helped me improve my Spanish like crazy! Don’t learn to construct sentences, rather learn what words go with what in phrases. If you learn phrases you slowly learn what words go where and you can develop this to construct your own sentences! I’m no advanced speaker but I’m no beginner either! I wish you luck!

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