I’m back in China but…. I’ve forgotten my Chinese!

It was great to wake up to the smoggy Chengdu weather. Really brings you home. The sunshine and cloudless sky were becoming overrated in Mexico. ha give me sunshine any day thank you very much. But, all good things must come to an end.

I’ve had such a good time in Mexico. I’ve been taken care of very well by everyone there, so it was hard to say goodbye to everyone . I could happily have stayed there for another few weeks, or months. But, China was calling me back to it’s smoggy lair.

Mexico; it wont be the last I see of you I promise.

So, after a month of not speaking a word of Chinese, I’ve had my first Chinese lesson. Oh my god my knowledge of Chinese has disappeared! I was actually embarrassed in the classroom. Thankfully it was just me and the teacher, so no one else had to witness my epic failure.

I kept saying to the teacher, “ I really need to learn my Mandarin again” in which he replied “You just forgot it”… Forgot it? I cant remember anything! When he was speaking to me, in my head I was thinking Spanish, so instead of saying either Spanish or Mandarin, I would just reply back in English.

Even basic questions I forgot. So it was definitely a wake up call to study more.

But that just shows how much you can forget without practise. Fortunately, I’m official a student now, so by March I shall be studying Mandarin properly and hopefully learning at quite a better rate than I am now.

And I’ve started teaching again. One class was cancelled so there were just 2 classes to ease me in. Since arriving back to Chengdu, I’ve dreaded going back to work, as everyone else does. Give me another holiday and I’ll be happy. But thankfully the day went fine, the kids were great, and one even missed me which was good to hear.

At the moment I kind of feel refreshed in a way. Rejuvenated. A holiday was something I needed I think. How long this feeling of rejuvenation will last for is unknown, maybe for a few more weeks until the ‘I need a holiday’ feeling comes back again.

Unfortunately however, since arriving home, my internet has not been working. Thats a trip to the internet place to mime out what’s wrong, have a 3 way conversation between the employee, myself and my translator on the phone, and hopefully find out the problem.

(Internet Update) My internet has been fixed thankfully, free of charge. I asked the man why it wouldn’t work. He replied in Chinese, so I still have no idea why it went hay wire. But once it’s fixed thats the main thing.

I plan nothing else breaking until I move apartment. That’s the plan anyway.


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