We’ve been ousted!

So, we were told great news… we have to move apartment. In the space of less than 3 months, I’ll have moved twice! My own apartment contract finishes the middle of February, meaning having to lug all of my stuff from mine to my boyfriends. And now, we will have to move from his by March. The landlord wants to sell the apartment, which is understandable. It just means more work for us.

The Chinese New Year is at the end of February, so we plan to find an apartment before this date. We have been told by our Chinese friend that many people go and travel, meaning there will be more available to us. After the Festival, a lot of them get taken, so our plan is to find a suitable one before this.

But in China, nothing is simple. Taking an hour to get to my boyfriends from mine, I have to slowly start taking bits from mine now, which is a pain when you’re taking public transport. Plus, we need a Chinese person to help us find an apartment. Our knowledge of Chinese just wont cut it for this job. So we need to organise a suitable time for both us and our Chinese helper.

But, I”m sure it will all work out in the end.

Yet, I’m actually looking forward to finding a new place to live. Hopefully we will find one closer to the University where we will study. This means we will also be closer to the centre of Chengdu which will be good.

Work wise, there has been quite a few rumours going about that I am leaving, which unfortunately are true. I had a chat with my principal of the campus where I told her what I was planning, simple saying that it will be too far to travel from my new place to Zhonghai for work. It’s just not worth it.

I will miss my students for sure. I have been teaching some of them for a whole year, meaning I’ve gotten quite close to them. My oldest student I will miss the most, as I treat her just as a friend. But I plan on trying to meet up though and keeping in contact. Typical, when I decide to leave, my students all behave great! I spent 10 months trying to mould them into better behaving people, and now, in the final months, all of them are great.

I’ll also miss my Chinese PA’s. I would love to visit them after a few months of learning Mandarin and show them how much I’ve improved. I get some stick sometimes for knowing so little Mandarin… but I’ll show them!!

Apart from that, nothing much has happened. I have been looking at flights to Ireland, where at one stage I nearly booked them. But, because we are not 100% sure when our study semester is over, we don’t want to buy them and then find out we have exams on those dates! That would not be good. Although I REALLY want to book them like, right now, I have to wait until we are definite about our university schedule. That is one thing I am really looking forward to.

Visiting home is a big big treat for me. And I’ll be the tour guide for my boyfriend too. It’s gonna be great!


4 thoughts on “We’ve been ousted!

    • Hi! Mmm I don’t plan on teaching for the rest of my life. My main goal is to stay in China and learn the language, then deal with something with tourism between China and Ireland. Organise tours and what not. Thats the basic plan but I have to learn Chinese first. At the moment teaching is ok in China, but it’s not a job I would like to stay with. How is Ireland? Where will you be heading next?

      • Oh that sounds like a great plan 🙂 Ireland is ok, same old, same old 😛 Nice to be back but I’ll be moving to Abu Dhabi in August to start a new teaching job so I’m excited about that!

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