We’ve found our apartment!

We have found an apartment! After what seemed like months of looking, we have successfully signed on the dotted line for our apartment.

I must admit though, it was a lot harder than I expected. For my first apartment, I looked at 4 in the same complex. After 1 hour I chose one, signed the contract and payed the money. This time round, it must not as smooth.

First we had to find a Chinese person to help us. That meant choosing a time that suited both us and them. We researched on the internet and we found out that we could essential skip the agency, meaning ask the security men in front of the gates were there any apartments available to rent. So we did this.

This was fruitless. Many said no, some said we needed to go through an agency. Simply put, it turned out to be too bothersome, slow and unreliable.

We decided to seek out an agency. So they showed us some alright places, some terrible places, some nice places but with not so nice price tags.

Finally we found one which was decent and surprisingly for the area, quite cheap!

The apartment is quite big, the community is nice and it is close to the University. It’s also closer to the centre of Chengdu than the apartment we are at now.

We plan on buying a new sofa though, as the one in the apartment doesn’t exactly look comfortable. We had a nosy around IKEA and found a great one that turns into a bed for any visitors.

Officially our contract starts in March, but the landlady already gave us the keys! I haven’t met her, but apparently she is very very nice, even knowing a little bit of English. A little bit goes a long way!

Although I will miss the two apartments I’ve been living in, (my own and my boyfriends) it will be good to live somewhere else. Experience a new area of Chengdu.

Looking at all the apartments made me realise how much better it would be if you could build your own one. I liked different things from each apartment; the sofa from one, the location from the other… if you could only combine the best bits of each apartment, that would be fantastic.

But with every apartment, it will never be perfect… especially the ones in China. I will do a separate post about apartments in China.

So at least this apartment hunting business is over. Next is moving time!


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