We’re coming for you Ireland!

I am so excited at the fact that we have booked our flights to IRELAND! HOME! After a year and a half in China I’ll be able to see my family and of course my new niece or nephew. By that stage, she/he will be around 6 months old which is a great age. They can actually do more than just eat, sleep, cry and poop.

We are flying from Chengdu on the 1st of July, so only a few months to go. I think I can wait that long.

I can’t wait to;

-Drink Irish tea.

-Eat Mums dinners.

-Sleep in my own room.

-Watch and understand TV.

-Visit my friends.

-Play with my nephew.

-Play with my new niece/nephew.

-Let my boyfriend meet my family.

-Get him to try Irish food: Tayto crisps, sunday dinners, my Dads pancakes, Irish coffee.

-Have chats with the family about the past year and a half.

-Burst out my knowledge of Mandarin to people.

-Bring my boyfriend to Dublin, Northern Ireland and around the whole of Ireland.

But most important one of all is just that I’ll be with my family.

I hope the weather will be great, but if not…. it’s Ireland. I’m prepared for it.

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