Moving & becoming a student again.

Things are finally falling into place, well nearly. Moving into our new apartment was a struggle, with me having to travel to work and then starting Uni, add to the fact that my boyfriend ‘thought’ his contract ended in a week; to realise that it was in fact only in a few days, so we were busy sorting all our clothes, toiletries, pots, pans and everything else.

We have been in our apartment two days, with our belongings strewn all over the place. Our weekend will consist of unpacking everything. It’s amazing what stuff you can hoard without you realising. Also, the apartment is much smaller than the one we are in now. In this one, there are two floors and it is big. Whereas in the new one, the whole apartment takes up one floor of the current one. But much easier to clean!

And I have 3 days left of my working contract! This time last week, I had it decided that I was leaving Zhonghai campus. I told the parents and students, and that was done. Then I had a change of heart. I’ve decided to just come on a Saturday and teach maybe 2/3 groups. That means I know I will have a few classes already. Ha I just couldn’t give up my students! Plus I have one favourite who I have on a Saturday. She is great. When we told her parent I was leaving, I expected her to be angry. But, when I asked, the PA told me she was disappointed, because her daughter enjoyed having me as a teacher. So that night I decided I would come just on the Saturdays for a few hours. It will take me over an hour to get there but I could study my Chinese in that time. Well thats the plan anyway.

And I’m a student! I started Uni on Monday. But we are in a pickle. Level 1 is far too basic and I know we would become bored. Level 2 is a bit better; with speaking and listening its fine and it’s interesting; but they use a lot of Chinese characters. I have very little knowledge about characters as I’ve never studied them. So its either stay in level one and become bored, but start from the basic and learn the phonics and more importantly; the characters. Or stay in level 2, improve my listening and oral, but struggle to keep up with the characters.

Some students I noticed who were in level 1 had very good Chinese, but they want to learn the characters. So they are back at the basic level. Maybe that is what we should do. Today we tried level 2, and for homework, we have to write about 15 words in chinese characters, which I have no idea how to write! So we will talk more and decide which is the better option.

So 2015 already has been a year of complete change to 2014! New apartment, hopefully new school to work for, new university, new nephew! Yes my sister had a little boy on the 25th of February. They called him Nathan. I’m so excited to see him!
And just 113 days until Ireland!


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