My new student visa!


Because I started studying in the university, I had to go and get a new student visa. My current one for the year is almost over, and seeing that I’m only working part time, the company has to cancel my current one. Now I’m not sure if they HAVE to cancel it, or if they thought ‘well, she’s not working full time with us so we’ll cancel it on her’ but, whatever happened, it was going to be cancelled.

So we took a trip up to the PSB at the heart of Chengdu. This is where they sort out the visas for Chinese and foreign people. We were both hesitant; usually we were accompanied by a Chinese person that can help us and who know all about this. We didn’t have a clue, apart from having papers for this and papers for that. But we thought ‘hey! Sure we’ll give it a go by ourselves, we have the correct papers so it should be fine!’ Well, it didn’t exactly go to plan!

So we arrived and we were asked did we have originals of everything. We knew we didn’t, as the company told us the copy’s ‘will be ok’. One paper was a copy. But we got moved onto the waiting room. ‘Great!’ I thought, this will be handy, we have everything!’

My number was called, so I walked into the room with the officers. I started to become nervous while she was flicking through all the documents. My boyfriend was a few seats down.

Then the dreaded question ‘Do you have a document from the University to say you can work part time?’ I thought ‘what document??? I gave her everything!….thats it, no visa for me!’ But apparently I left it in Rafas bag which he then gave me. Phew! Thats sorted!

But then… another question. ‘Do you have the original document of this?’ I replied no, saying the company said the copy would be sufficient. Bad news, they wanted the original one. Then she said ‘will the company give you the original one?’ I said yes, to which she carried on.

Picture time arrived, and that was when I knew I made it to the other side! She made sure I knew to bring the original document to her when I pick up my passport and away I went to pay the quite impressive visa fee. Rafa was sitting in the waiting room for me.

So, I was very happy then, explaining to him what she needed, until I hear ‘Excuse me Miss’. I turn around and there she was, with my passport in her hand….. I thought ‘Aw no, something went wrong, she’s giving me my passport back.’ She asked me did I work with the company before in which I said yes. Apparently I needed proof to say that I finished my contract with them.

She ushered me back into the room. Talked Chinese to another lady whilst I nervously waited for the verdict. But by luck, and by the fact that she already put my passport through the system, she allowed, or more likely HAD to keep my passport. Her mistake but lucky for me! So she assured me that I must bring the original document and the contract document to them when I pick up the passport.

And then I was free to go.

But not so lucky for Rafa, he was in the same predicament, but his lady officer wasn’t so forgiving, meaning he has to get the same documents as myself and apply for his visa again.

Hopefully though it will go ok next time as we will have all the correct papers!


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