My Job Interview.

I was searching through GoChengdoo; a website based on Chengdu. You can buy and sell things, you can see what events are on, and search for jobs. I found a job that was pretty near to where I live now so I decided to contact them.

So I got a call from them and had a chat, me not knowing that this was in fact the first stage of the interview process. He then text me asking for an interview. So I met them, arriving ridiculously early because I wasn’t sure how long it would take me. But, rather be too early than too late I suppose. So the interview went well, and they showed me around the place.

After a few days, I get another text asking for a demo! I thought ‘god, this is a long interview process.’ So today I had the demo and thankfully it turned out quite well!

As everyone is, I was a little nervous. They gave me a book and gave me a few minutes to prepare a demo class, of just 15 minutes, so that was easy. I just treated them as any other student, playing games with them and teaching new vocab. After the time was up we discussed the demo.

I was so surprised that they really enjoyed it. They interviewed a lot of people and saw a lot of demos, but apparently mine was the best. I was shocked! Me? All I did was play some games with them. I like to be more interactive in my teaching and not having them sit down for the entire 45 minutes.

I remember going for my first demo interview. It was after I was finished my internship and I was looking for a new job for when I came back from Ireland. I remember I didn’t know what to do in the demo. I remember making silly mistakes and generally, not knowing how to teach! Of course I taught older students before that, but It’s totally different when you’re teaching young children and there are not 50 in the class. I remember one man from a company saying to me ‘Some things need touching up on, but there is potential.’ I’ll never forget when he said that! I of course was happy. Potential? I have potential!

So after a year of teaching younger children, I was much more prepared this time. From back then, I’ve actually learned quite a lot. And that, you know, I’m an alright teacher.

They said I will hear back from them soon about it, but just the fact that I did a good job and they liked it made me a bit more confident in my teaching skills. For me, one of the most important thing is to make the student feel comfortable. I must admit I’m quite good at making students at ease in the classroom. Making them like you helps the class go better. If they don’t like you, you’ll know. . . and they’ll MAKE you know.

So from this morning of being quiet and withdrawn, thinking about this demo interview, to coming out the other side feeling proud of myself that I did a good job is good enough for me. Even If I don’t get the job, I know that I can do demo interviews ok and I can perform ok.

But… I’ll still wait for that phone call.


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