Becoming one year older, and wiser!

Yesterday was my birthday, so now I’m in my mid twenties. Nearly crossing the line to join the late twenties.

One year older hopefully means I’ve learned a bit more things. Well, I’ve an extra year teaching experience. I’ve travelled to a few more places, and I’ve learned a little more Chinese. Thats really about it.

I suppose teaching wise I’m a little happier that I’m 25. I think the parents prefer when the teacher is maybe 25+. So in that sense I’m happier that, say if you are teaching an adult, they are not like ‘oh she is very young to be teaching me English’. So I’m a bit happier that in China, I’m deemed a bit more mature.

And as for being more mature, I think there are more possibilities of either being given more responsibilities or getting promoted than say for a person of 23 years.

Ha so basically I’m trying to give myself more reasons to like getting older!

But for my birthday I actually had a great day. University in the morning, then we went to Carrefour to buy some food to make spaghetti, I spoke to my family on Skype, with my nephew Alex singing Happy Birthday and showing me how well he can dance. Then at 7:30 we went to our friends house where one of them made us a delicious 3 course meal!

He is an aspiring chef, so everything was cooked by himself. Risotto with mushrooms for the first course. an Irish style dinner with potatoes, carrots and beef. Finally a lovely cake. It was so nice of him to make me dinner, as I’ve only ever met him a couple of times.

So after that, the four of us headed to a bar called Helens. There we met some of the people from work, from my uni and some other friends.

I think what really made the night is that people actually made the effort to come. It’s easy to say ‘nah we won’t go’. But most people that we asked came, which I was so grateful for. Of course some people couldn’t come for other reasons, but all in all it was a great night with people that I like, and like being with.


Me and my lovely friends that came for my birthday!

So at about 1:30 myself, Rafa and 3 others headed to another area that expats go to, and stayed there until about 3:30. By this time I was wrecked, with being up since 7:30am, I was craving for my bed.

All in all, it was a very good day…..and I suppose, being 25 isn’t all that bad.


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