My ‘new’ job update.

So, over 2 weeks have passed since I got the English job, but, surprisingly I haven’t had one class with the new company.

I was to wait until they get students for me on the days that I was going to work with them, but unfortunately, the parents mothers don’t want to change teachers. I was left waiting, and waiting, until I was hoping to get a text saying they have students for me.

But, no text came.

So, with no income coming in, apart from my private student and my job on Saturday, I contacted them to ask them what was happening. They said they have no students for me, and if I want to get another job and let them know what days i’m free, they ‘may’ have students then.

What turned out to be a great job; great location, good money, times that I wanted to work…. nothing came from it.

I suppose I’m more disappointed by the fact that it seemed like a good job. I was promised all these wonderful things, and instead I’m left twiddling my thumbs and having no money. It was one of my first interviews where my teaching skill got me a job. They liked what they saw. I was chosen out of loads of people for it because of my teaching ability… and then theres no work for me. Thats the most disappointing thing about it.

Our trip to Ireland is coming up shortly and that was the main reason for working, saving for that. The money I’m getting at the moment is next to nothing, so I’m trying not to spend any money. By this tactic, staying at home all day. I know, it’s sad, but my thinking is, ‘If I go outside I’ll spend money, I’ll stay in the apartment so that means I wont have to spend any’ .Plus, the only real constructive thing to do at home is to either clean the apartment (I’d rather not) or study Chinese, so I suppose my Chinese is thanking me.

I’ve even starting cooking!!! Veg and potatoes are much cheaper than eating out, so to save more money I’ve been cooking for myself and my boyfriend for when he comes home from work. I’m becoming a housewife. But, when 5 potatoes are only 40cent, I’ll make the effort instead of eating out. The potatoes are sometimes hard, but it’s the thought that counts!

Not only are we saving for Ireland, our plan is also to visit Paris, where my boyfriend’s sister lives so he can visit her…. so visiting Ireland AND Paris will not be cheap!

But, there is temporary light appearing; in Rafael’s campus there is a teacher who has to go home for a month or more, so they asked me could I cover some of his classes for that time. Hopefully that’ll work out and I’ll be able to save a little more money.

I’m also trying to sort out, when that temporary teaching is finished, how I should organise my work schedule. It’s just I don’t want to teach English 4 days a week. I enjoy teaching it with students I like, but my mind is still nagging me saying ‘this isn’t what I want to do’. It’s not. It’s just a means of getting income.

Plus, having Chinese in the mornings and then studying, I don’t really want to work that many days.

And, the ongoing question of what I want to do with my life keeps cropping up. I’m 25 now. Time isn’t slowing down for me. Aged 22, grand, still have plenty of time. But at 25, I think you need to have, to some degree, something to work with, at least some practical experience for what you plan to do with your life. Well, thats my opinion anyway.

I’ve said in my previous posts, I want to do something with travel, a tour guide or something. Relations with Ireland and China. Something to do with Ireland and tourism. Even when I think of it I get excited, a sudden surge of pride for Ireland. You know that feeling you get when you think of your ideaI job? Something you would just LOVE to do. I just know thats something I want to do. I know I’d be good at it. If you enjoying doing something, you’ll do it well. My idea is if I learn Chinese that goal will become more achievable. I suppose thats the main reason for learning Chinese.

I’m not saying teaching English isn’t a good job, its just not something I want to do. I’m not passionate about it. Anybody can teach English, especially in China. People who speak terrible English can get a job here.

So, focus myself on Chinese, then hopefully do something in that field of work.

As people say ‘If you have a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.’

I hope that will apply to me some day.


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