They didn’t give me my passport.

The title says it all. My passport has been denied from me.

I go there, give the lady my receipt, she says ‘go to counter 10’. Once she said that I knew I wasn’t getting it, usually she has them in her big cabinet beside her, and when I got my visa the first time I got it from this counter. So now I thought, ‘aw that’s it, its been denied….’ That happened a fella from Uni.

So I go to counter 10, gave the lady my receipt and the oh so important original, and stamped documents that I needed the last time, and she’s goes on the computer.

‘Uhh??’ she said. ‘Thats not good’ I thought. She leaves into another room.

So I’m waiting for about 10-15 minutes, getting a little anxious, while another foreigner comes and sits at the next counter. I know he’s in the same situation as myself.

A man comes out and asks me when did I give the new documents, in which I replied just now, to the other lady. Away he goes, to come back, with no passport for either myself or the other person, and says that we have to come back on Wednesday to pick it up.

At this stage, the other man, who by our conversation told me he was from Switzerland, started getting angry and demanding why.

Because I left my documents in late, and his, his medical examination, we can’t get them today. Yes, they have the passports there and ready, but because we didn’t give all the documents in, we’re being denied them.

So, that means ANOTHER trip back up to collect it. But Rafael has to collect his on Wednesday too so at least I’ll have company.

This time, they better give it back to me!


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