Back to work!

After having a lovely few weeks having no work during the weekdays, and generally lazing about in the apartment, I’ve finally started back teaching. I work with Rafa in his campus Monday, Tuesday and Friday. On Saturday I work in my old campus. I’ve only worked in the new campus for two days and I was wrecked each night! Plus having to get up at 7:30 for class doesn’t help either.

We’ve been ‘forced’ to take naps between Uni and work time; by 2pm I’m ready to hit the bed, and could easily stay there for 2/3 hours. But one hour will have to do, then head to work. I have to cover classes until the other teacher comes back, in about 2 months time. But I think for the next semester in September I’m going to cut down my days by one. Maybe I’ll work Saturday, Monday and Tuesday.

Getting up early has me shattered! I haven’t gotten up this early since my Uni days over 2 years ago, so It’s a shock to the system. Plus, nearly every morning I wake up I’m tired; maybe I’m not getting to bed early enough.

Last week we had a very busy week where we were invited to here, there and everywhere. That meant some late nights! In the morning I could really notice how the lack of sleep affected me. Ha I’m getting too old for these late nights!

As for work, and for the new kids, ( I haven’t met them all) they seem nice. However one boy aged 7, cried 5 minutes into the class. Apparently he doesn’t like loosing in games and he’s extremely sensitive. The first thing I played was a game and guess who lost. Why no one bothered to tell me what he’s like, god knows why, as he has cried many times before. So not a good start to that class.

And all these kids love the letter J! I have about 6 kids with their name starting with that letter! I’m getting so confused with them all!

So work is keeping me busy and my Chinese; well, thats keeping me extra busy. Not surprisingly, Rafa is flying away, leaving me in the dust. At the moment I’m trying to learn 10 characters a day, as I’ve been having trouble with remembering them. It’s now that I look back fondly during my time studying French… Sigh.

Yet, I am really enjoying it, and everyone is in the same boat as myself so it’s quite alright to make many, MANY mistakes!

And tomorrow, we are heading on a little trip the Uni organised for us to a village a few hours away from Chengdu. We’ll be staying there for a night then heading home on Saturday, so I will post some pictures of that!


爱玲 (Aisling in Chinese)

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