An interesting day at Uni.

For todays lesson, we were learning how to order fruit and veg using jīn. 斤. This means ‘half a kilo’. So half a kilo of something. Anyway, in our books, there was a long dialogue with a shopkeeper and a customer. The customer wants to know how much is this kind of fruit, the price of it, how it’s too expensive, and how to bargain down the price.

So we read through the dialogue ourselves and then the teacher picked two people to read it, but we had to change the dialogue to what we wanted to buy and to negotiate the price. We also had to throw in some of the new vocab from that Unit. 

The laugh we had when people were reading their dialogues! In one group, the customer asked the shopkeeper to lower the price, which they did. Then the shopkeeper actually lowered the price even more, without him realising. We are concentrating on the dialogue so much, that we forget what the shopkeeper said was the price. Then at the end, the shopkeeper, having to add the two items up, forgets what they charged. (after they accepted lowering the price).

Not one of any of the groups made any sense, because we got all confused with what we were buying, how much was it, and the total price. But it was so much fun listening to the others speak. Sometimes one partner would add in a totally new word that the other person mightn’t know, and that confuses them even more. God help our lǎoshī 老师 (teacher).

To practice our new vocab, we went to a nearby market where we had to ask the price of three fruits, and hopefully bargain a little. Me and Rafa bought some peaches and half a pineapple. Others bought bananas, cherries and mangos. One student came out with a bag with one banana! Just one small banana in a bag!

And we are nearly finished our book! We plan on doing revision when we are finished. I think we all need to revise a bit, as I personally think we flew through the book. In March we spent 1 month learning phonics which I think we could have spent about 2 weeks doing, but oh well.

Then in June we will have our tests. As it’s not a degree awarding course, the tests don’t matter. It’s just to see how you’re improving. So by September I’m hoping to move up to Level 2. I think there we will see a better improvement on our speaking and listening, so I’m looking forward to that!

Oh and 49 days until home!



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