The packing has started!

We’re starting to prepare to leave. Our rucksacks are out, and we’ve started, very slowly to give the apartment a little bit of a clean. We’ve abandoned the dusting. Dust accumulates very quickly here, guessing due to the pollution, so we’ve decided to leave the dusting until we come back and then give it a good cleaning.

I’ve packed some clothes, unsure whether my old ones back home will fit me (I hope they will) and we’ve unfortunately had to unbox my nephews dinosaurs as they won’t fit in the backpacks. I’ve packed a big red T-rex in my one, and when you press a button underneath, the eyes flash and it roars. So I’m hoping when I pick it up from Dublin airport I wont be hearing roars coming from my backpack!

Before we leave, we also have to finish the rest of the meat we have. We bought some mince beef a while back to make spaghetti with, but we still have enough to make another meal. I’ve had to make some yesterday, so I’m not too keen to make a another batch in the next few days. The heat from the cooking and the heat from the weather makes me become very very hot!

And 3 days until we leave, but it hasn’t hit me yet! The night before I think it will. Thankfully our flight is in the evening so its at a good time; we can relax until we go. When we went to Mexico, our flight was at around 11am, so we had to leave our apartment at around 8/8:30am. At that time, the traffic was mad, and it was impossible to get a taxi as they were all full. Thankfully this lady stopped in a silver car for us and she brought us, (we were panicking, waiting 15minutes for a taxi outside) we presumed she was a private (illegal) taxi, but we didn’t care, thankful that she saw we were in desperate need! This time round we plan to get the bus to the airport as it will be cheaper.

Hopefully everything will be ok and we arrive safe in Ireland!



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