My visit to Ireland (so far)

So it’s been 2 weeks since I arrived home! Weather is of course being unpredictable; sunny one minute, rain the next. Some things have changed our holiday plans with an accident of a family member a few days prior to me coming home, so that put me down for a few days. The family planned on travelling around Ireland and sightseeing, but with the accident that hasn’t gone to plan.  The main reason to visit was to spend time with the family and go with them to places. So now it’s mainly just me and Rafa that go to places. But the accident could have been a lot worse so we are lucky.

Later today we head to Paris to visit my boyfriends sister and boyfriend. Apparently the weather is much nicer there. Then we are back in Ireland for another week.

Our plan to study Chinese has also stopped. Due to being busy with my nephews, and sadly our lack of interest. It’s amazing how being away from an environment where everyone speaks Mandarin, our interest in it has dwindled. I suppose now, we don’t need to speak it, so we don’t need to learn it. I’ve studied a bit and I’m forgetting quite a few characters, so we’ll have to study a lot when we return!

I’ve also been seeing many relatives. With me being home, and with my family members accident, I suppose they can ‘kill two birds with one stone’ as they say. But it’s nice to see them!

Food wise, I’ve been treating myself quite a lot, chocolates, jelly sweets, crisps, take-aways.  Mum has nearly everything on the food list I made for her done. And luckily, my clothes here still fit me!

I’m looking forward to going to France and visiting Paris again.



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