Our last few days.

In less than a week we’ll be back in China. I’m in mixed emotions with this. I’m looking forward to returning to our apartment and knowing that that space is ‘ours’; instead of living in my parents house. Second of all, I can’t wait to get back to Uni and start studying again. Finally, I’ll enjoy eating the Chinese food again!

But of course I’m going to miss home and Ireland. The lack of people here, my Mum’s cooking, the green fields, and of course my family and friends. I know I won’t be back to Ireland for a while, so my two nephews will be even bigger!

When I decided to move to China for the internship, I never thought I’d be living there for the next few years, so I didn’t really think about family and them visiting me. I do now though! It’s a pity I live too far away from them. If I decided to move to somewhere in Europe perhaps, it would be different. But I may make the most of being in China when I’m there; visiting other countries and studying Mandarin.

Since arriving back from Paris, my oldest nephew is always asking when are we going back to China. When he see’s us leaving, say to go to town, he always asks ‘Where are you going?’ ‘Are you coming back?’ It breaks my heart when he asks these. Because soon I’ll have to say ‘No, we won’t be back’.

But we’re enjoying our stay here, relaxing and enjoying time with the family! Back to the madness of China soon though!



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