Ireland in Pictures: Belfast

I’ve only been to Belfast once before, even though we live about 1 hour away! So I headed with Rafa, my sister and her boyfriend for a day trip. Thankfully the weather was good too! I imagined Belfast would be quite large, but it’s actually quite small! Theres a different vibe to Dublin there, and the architecture from the older buildings was lovely.

We went a day before the 12th of July.This is when the Protestants celebrate the victory of King Williams battle of the Boyne in 1690. During this time there were a lot of Union Jack flags flying around the city and there were building big bonfires. Although unfortunately when they light them they put Irish flags on, as well as effigies of pro-Nationalist figures, which is sad to see.

It was a great time to visit and see the huge bonfires though! We also went on a ‘Black Taxi Tour’, it was fascinating to see the differences between the Catholic and Protestant sides of the city. Apparently the wall separating them, was built even before the Berlin Wall. A poll suggested that the people, on both sides prefer the wall to stay standing as they feel safer. It has actually gotten taller recently too!

Belfast is a lovely city to visit and it’s full of history.(although somewhat turbulent).


Preparation for the 12th of July parade.


Murals on the Catholic side.


Bobby Sands: a hunger strike volunteer.


The wall dividing the Catholic and Protestants. This is the Protestant side.




Titanic building

IMG_6347 IMG_6364 IMG_6371 IMG_6392



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