A bug in our food.

Well it finally happened. After 2 years of being in China, a bug was in our food. It was at one of our locals ( even worse) and we were tucking into our food, when Rafa noticed something black among his rice. I saw him notice it, and thought ‘aw no, don’t tell me it’s a bug’. His expression said it all. He took it out and there it was, with legs and all. Luckily, I was finished eating, and whilst he still had a little in his bowl, the sight of that was enough to make him full.

I’m guessing it was in the rice, and then he scooped it into his bowl. It wasn’t covered in any sauce so thats my guessing. As we usually go to the same restaurants for food, I’m sure we’ll go to this one again, but it will be a little soured by this discovery.

After that, we were talking and I was asking ‘I wonder what do Chinese people do if they see a bug in their food? Do they just discard it and not take any notice, or would they actually make a fuss?’ I’m guessing this has happened to a lot of them.

But it makes you wonder what the state of the kitchens are like. I’ve briefly past one once, and guess what, its a regular I go to, and it was literally a mess. No health inspections have walked in there i’m sure! The food is delicious and Sichuan is known for this, but the hygiene aspect is something that China should concentrate on.

At the moment, Ireland has successfully persuaded China to allow Ireland to export its beef produce to them. China put a ban on all EU beef during the BSE crisis, commonly known as ‘Mad Cow Disease’. Of course Ireland is very happy with this. I hope to start seeing Irish beef in Chengdu very soon.

Although I understand they needed to ban this importing of beef, and they have done so for 15 years, I think they should use the energy that they had on banning EU beef and and now use it to tackle the hygiene of some of its restaurants. I know it will be impossible; there are too many Chinese now for the government to make any such difference (thats why they target the internet and censor it, something that they can actually do) so I don’t think I’ll see any improvement in this unfortunately.

I’ve now become a little more aware of what goes on behind the kitchens here, and hope I won’t find any surprises in my food!



4 thoughts on “A bug in our food.

  1. I am from a Chinese background and frequently find bugs in my food in restaurants here in France where I live. I make a fuss about it if the bug is alive, wiggling, and comes in funky colours. If it’s too small to pick out and doesn’t move, I tell myself it’s super Paleo and extra protein.
    (But in all seriousness, I think while it’s fair to raise an eyebrow over kitchen squalor, it’s truly not a problem unique to that part of the world. French kitchens can be horrifying. My future MIL’s certainly is.)

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